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"Blue Landascape" woodcut painted with watercolor, oil and charcoal: monotype on hand made paper. Artist: Renata Giannelli

Updated: Apr 12

Absract landscape: woodcut painted with oil, watercolor.One copy
Blue Landascape: woodcut painted by Renata Giannelli

Woodcut painted in one copy by Renata Giannelli. The paper was specially hand made by the artist with cotton fiber and other vegetables on which was imprinted a woodcut matrix without color and then ubsequently painted and signed. The size of the sheet are 70x50 cm. Year 2023. It is part of the series Blue Landscapes inspired by an abstract idea of landscape that contains several elements: air, earth and water. The absence of fire is evidenced by the predominance of blue in all its shades and by the lightness and evanescence of the forms that is the hallmark of this series of works.


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