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The woodcut on handmade paper: "the nine doors of perception" is a work measuring 50x50 cm. by Renata Giannelli.

The support is a handmade paper made of cotton fibers mixed with ginko biloba leaves. The paper was specially created by the artist for this monotype edition of which we are presenting 5 copies in a print run of 80 copies.

The matrix is made of wood, inked with a palette and printed on gold and silver leaf: each example is different and unique and has been finished and retouched with oil paint and charcoal.

In the purchase notes you can indicate the copy you prefer by indicating the position in which it appears on the page.

The work is delivered in a folder and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The title of the work refers to the moment in which a perception becomes intuition, opening us to a new vision and understanding: a magical and mystical moment that we have all sometimes experienced.

It is a work from 2024.

Woodcut on handmade paper: "the nine doors of perception"

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